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Denise Castro, CPA 2020 Covid Operating Guidelines

Visiting our office: Using common sense is always welcome. We are asking everyone who visits our office to please wear a mask. Obviously if you are sick or have been recently exposed to covid please do not come into the office. We can gather your information in many ways. 

  1. You can use our new “Intuit Link”. This allows you to upload your scanned documents, check statuses, and approve or sign documents. Let us know if you would like to try this free, secure service and we will send an invitation to sign up.

  2. You can mail your documents. Many clients choose this option especially those who live out of our area.

  3. You can use our drop box next to the front door

  4. We can come to your vehicle and you can hand off the documents. Our staff will be wearing a mask and we ask that you do the same.

  5. You can electronically send them using email, Google Drive or Dropbox.


When your taxes are complete:

  1. You can use Intuit Link to see the status of your tax return and review it.

  2. Or we can mail, email or use Google Drive or Dropbox

  3. We can deliver your tax return to your vehicle.


Reviewing and Filing your taxes:

  1. We can review your taxes via telephone or video chat, including Skype, Facetime, Messenger, or Android Video.

  2. You can approve and sign your taxes via Intuit Link, or because of covid regulations via email.

My tips for a “Less Stressful” tax season 


First go ahead and start gathering your information.  All of your W2’s, 1099’s, Mortgage and Brokerage statements are arriving. Create a central location to collect these documents.


Next, you can contact my office for a “Client Organizer” pre-filled with last year’s data or some of you may prefer to download a generic “2020 Client Organizer” from our website at


Finally, we need to receive your information before the week of the deadline. For businesses, we have already started requesting that you submit your information by Feb. 15th.  For individuals, we recommend March 15th. We realize that life happens and it can be difficult, but waiting until the last minute raises both our stress levels.

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