2019 Client Letter

Happy New Year!

Another tax season is rapidly approaching so I wanted to touch base with you about some changes we made last year. I am excited to announce the addition of another CPA to my firm, Mette Herrin, CPA. I had the good fortune of working with her many years ago at another CPA firm and I am so excited about the audit and tax expertise she brings to us.


In addition to Mette we have hired another bookkeeper, Cali Mealer, who is currently studying accounting at Dalton State College. With these new additions, along with myself, Lee, Jordan and Suzanne we look forward to a very productive 2019


The bigger news, of course, is the new tax reform that is being rolled out nationwide. In my opinion this is truly a monumental change and will have a large impact on your personal and business taxes. In addition to the normal end of year classes, I have invested twice as much time studying the new laws so that I can better serve you.


The upshot of this additional tax law preparation is that I feel confident about guiding you and your business through these changes. This year may be an important year for us to spend some time making adjustments that will fully maximize your personal and business liability.

The deadline for S-Corporations and Partnerships is March 15th and the deadline for personal income tax this year is April 15th.


My tips for a “Less Stressful” tax season.


First go ahead and start gathering your information.  All of your W2’s, 1099’s, Mortgage and Brokerage statements are arriving. Create a central location to collect these documents.


Next, you can contact my office for a “Client Organizer” pre-filled with last year’s data or some of you may prefer to download a generic “2018 Client Organizer” from our website at www.denisecastroCPA.com.


Finally, we need to receive your information before the week of the deadline. For businesses, we have already started requesting that you submit your information by Feb. 15th.  For individuals, we recommend March 15th. We realize that life happens and it can be difficult, but waiting until the last minute raises both our stress levels.


As always, I understand that tax season is no fun, but I want to help make it as painless as possible.


Thank you so much for your business,


Denise Castro, CPA

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